Reduce Waste

Reduce our carbon, water and waste by 10%

Factory Performance

100% of factories to be graded Green in our ethical monitoring programme

Sustainable Clothing

Develop and roll-out a sustainable clothing framework

Supporting our Suppliers

To make our Code of Conduct Guidebook and Right to Organise Guarantee available in all of our top ten sourcing languages

Better Cotton

20% of cotton to be sustainably sourced

Employee Volunteering

To roll-out employee volunteering to all brands and make it an integral part of what we do

Fashion Footprint Ambassadors

Establish a group of Fashion Footprint ambassadors

Fashion Footprint KPI’s

Integrate Fashion Footprint Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for all Directors across the business

Store KPI’s

Mechanisms to measure store-by-store KPIs on energy consumption to reduce our overall carbon footprint

Better Communication with Stores

Develop tools to effectively communicate with stores on the usage of energy, water and waste. Create incentivisation programmes to reduce the overall footprint

Global Standards on Health & Safety

Continue to improve global health and safety standards as we open more international stores

Energy Strategy

Develop a clear strategy on lighting and building management systems across all brands and all locations

Keeping Cool

Replace energy-hungry air conditioning systems with low energy fresh air cooling

Efficiencies in Our Global Distribution Network

Increase the number of global distribution hubs

Even More Recycling

To have all DCs recycling 100% of their waste

Reducing Our Transport Miles

To reduce the number of miles our products travel before reaching stores

Going Paperless

Launch paperless receipts in-store

Improving Energy Use in Store

To replace our EPoS systems with the latest energy-efficient versions


Replace lights in the Distribution Centres with new lower voltage LED lamps

Video conferencing

Individual video conferencing to be made available at all Arcadia head office workstations


All head office reporting to be made 100% available in electronic format

Raising money

To raise over £5million for charity by 2020

Nominated charity

All brands to identify a nominated charity


In the spirit of reflection and review, we have added a new section to each pillar within the report this year. It is appropriate for us to consider where we go from here, so we have set ourselves some 2020 commitments; ambitious stretch goals that will be a challenge and ensure we continue to drive our programme forward.

Click on the pillars to view our 2020 Targets.