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Transport and Logistics

Reduction in CO2 emissions

Wherever possible, we seek to minimise the impact of transporting products especially as our global reach as a retailer continues to grow.

For the tenth consecutive year we have significantly reduced UK transport CO2 emissions, resulting in a 16% reduction against a 5% target.

We drive this continuous improvement by scrutinising all areas of our operations including:

Transport planning and scheduling

Improved fuel efficiency from updated fleet and driver behaviours

Reduced business travel via company cars.

Delivery Schedules

Improvements made to the way we plan and schedule our journeys resulted in a 16% mileage reduction this year, significantly over-achieving against our 2017 target.

A particular area of focus has been scheduling overnight deliveries when roads are quieter. This has also increased our fuel efficiency.

Once again our core team of drivers received training in fuel-efficient and safety conscious driving style this year, thereby increasing our miles per gallon travelled.

Global supply chain engineering

We embarked on a holistic review of our supply chain this year, which will provide a picture of our global sourcing footprint. The project will examine our worldwide operations, reinforcing our aspiration to establish a joined up end-to-end process from the development of product to the delivery to our customer.

UK distribution strategy

Alongside the review of our global supply chain, we have also launched a project to drive efficiencies in our UK logistics operation. Project Trinity will see the creation of a new, purpose-built DC in the Midlands as well as retrofit and refresh projects within our existing distribution centres.