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Recycling and Waste

Recycling rate in-store

This year we have maintained a 95% recycling rate (this does not include stores in shopping centres as they have their own waste management system). We consider our performance in this area to be strongly established and we do not currently anticipate further opportunities to increase this figure significantly.

23,000 pieces of paper saved each month

We have introduced a new system where employees can log on to an online portal to view their payslips, removing the need for 23,000 payslips to be printed and distributed each month. Reaction has been positive and we are proud of saving of over 300,000 sheets of A4 paper, envelopes and ink each year.

44,000 bathtubs of water saved

Last year we appointed a water consultant to help us better understand our consumption patterns. We embarked on a project this year to detect leaks, which achieved a saving of 16,000m3 of water. This equates to more than 44,000 bathtubs or 6.5 Olympic sized swimming pools.


This year we have made a concerted effort to encourage the re-use of hangers. Our recycling programme has seen an uplift of 43%. This is due to our continued drive to ensure our retail product suppliers source from accredited hanger suppliers. In total, just under 9.6 million hangers were recycled this year.