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Health, Safety and Accessibility

Employee safety

The health and safety of our customers, employees, and contractors is very important and we are committed to maintaining safe stores, offices and distribution centres. We regularly review safety policies and procedures and introduce improvements where appropriate.

The number of reported accidents is down again this year. Accident numbers have reduced by 3% and we have established a number of safety focus groups to review procedures in key areas.

Last year we completed an update of all risk assessments and embarked on a rollout to all stores. This activity has continued throughout this reporting year.

We continue to progress our five-year rolling programme to ensure all managers are better trained in fire safety. This year 352 managers attended our one-day course, which is British Safety Council accredited. We intend to add more managers to this list in 2018.

Store and website accessibility

We regularly train staff in accessibility requirements, accompanied by updated training materials.

We keep up to date with global good practice concerning digital accessibility. Our websites and mobile platforms are adapted in-line with technological advancement to ensure they remain accessible and available to all.